Tax Deductions

Tax advice and tax deductions

As accountant and tax advisor, our job is to ensure the maximum benefits for your business. Building on the knowledge of your accounts and your financial plans, I will actively monitor developments in taxation and bring to your attention measures that may be to your advantage. These could be new types of business deductions or the best way to finance the company car. The objective is that you retain the highest possible proportion of the company revenues – after taxes.

Choice of business entity and tax regime

To minimise your taxation, among our tools is the SKAT NOVA system, which was developed by taxation experts and is constantly updated with the latest legislative and regulatory changes. I can also advise on the choice of business entity and on the tax regime that suits you best. There are various taxation regulations and tax deductions for different types of businesses and it can often pay to switch business type when a small personal business grows into a big business.

We are careful to get everything for you

Vistas Revisor will, of course, ensure that all your tax deductions are included in your tax return and in your accounts. We are thoroughly versed with the Danish regulations and know exactly what you are entitled to:

  • Personal allowance
  • Mileage allowance and Transport allowance
  • Travel allowance, special travel deduction
  • Commuter Deduction
  • VAT Deductions
  • Home mortgage interest deduction
  • Losses on shares and investment certificates
  • Deductions for Craftsmen
  • Establishment and entrepreneur account
  • Losses on bankruptcies
  • Donations to charities