Financial and accounting systems

The best tools available in the industry

To carry out our work for you as efficiently as possible Vista Revisor uses the latest and best IT solutions on the market. We also attach importance to maintaining the standards developed in the accounting industry, which means that your data, both now and in the future, will continue to be easily integrated with, for example, systems offered by public authorities. The choice of IT system depends on your business goals, needs and requirements.

Vistas Revisor uses the following financial and accounting systems:


Europe’s most successful online accounting system for invoicing, VAT and bookkeeping with more than 90,000 clients. This user-friendly platform ensures easy and effective cooperation and saves time in everyday life.


Billy was developed to make accounting easier for small businesses. With the Billy accounting program receipts can be saved with your phone and with one click you can send invoices and pay VAT.
The program is easier for those not expert in accounting.


Bluegarden is the company behind programs such as DataLøn and MultiLøn, both of which are among the most widely used products for payroll and personnel administration in Denmark. At the moment there are approximately 60,000 companies as clients and Bluegarden handles payroll for approximately 1 million Danes.


Danløn is a payroll system operated over the Internet and has been in operation since 2001. More than 35,000 companies have their payroll managed every month using Danløn. All data is updated on a server hosted by Danske Lønsystemer A/S.