Good reasons to keep accounts up to date

There are many good reasons to always keep your accounts in order, but the most important are:
1. You are in control of your finances
2. You have an overview of the results
3. You are well informed about the company’s transactions and receipts
4. You can identify opportunities and issues in a timely manner
5. You can ensure liquidity planning for payment of VAT and taxes
6. You can avoid time pressures on reporting and year-end closing
7. You avoid penalties, interest and sanctions from the tax office and other authorities

Tax Accounting and VAT reconciliation

There are frequent changes to the legislation on taxation and you can all too soon miss out on deductions. It is, therefore, important that we constantly take into account your VAT deductions in your bookkeeping and financial statements, for example, property taxes, representation deductions and levies. Vistas Revisor also keeps an eye on reporting dates and makes sure you send your VAT return on time using SKAT’s TastSelv Erhverv (e-tax for businesses).