Accountant – what prices can I expect?

Hourly rate or fixed fee

At Vistas Revisor it is your choice whether you want to be billed at an hourly rate or with a fixed price. We will advise you on the best option for you. An hourly rate is best suited to projects with no fixed end date. This could also include jobs for which we handle the ongoing monthly and quarterly accounting. If the task is simply a question of financial statements, many clients opt for a fixed price that we calculate based on the extent of the assignment. We customise our offering to suit your needs.

You will always know the price in advance.

No matter what the job, you will receive an email specifying the agreement and the price before we begin working on the job. And remember, you are always welcome to take up our offer of a free one-hour start-up meeting.

How to minimise the fees

The general rule is that the better organised your accounting records are when we receive them – the faster we can resolve the job. This means, of course, that the fees will be lower for you. It will also be cheaper for you if you hand over the job all at once. This means we will not have to ask for missing documents or other information and this saves time. You can also reduce the bill by sorting your records by date and putting them in a folder as well as providing bank statements as CSV files.

Good reasons to keep accounts

There are many good reasons to always keep your accounts in order, but the most important are:

  • You are in control of your finances
  • You have an overview of the results
  • You are well informed about the company’s transactions and receipts
  • You can identify opportunities and issues in a timely manner
  • You can ensure liquidity planning for payment of VAT and taxes
  • You can avoid time pressures on reporting and year-end closing
Get a free one-hour meeting!

We offer a free one-hour meeting. At this meeting we will look at your accounts and see how we can optimize your finances.

We also help entrepreneurs overcome the initial difficulties, so that they can avoid the worst mistakes and get off on the right foot.