Broad client base

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses. Large enough, in that financial statements require time and attention, but not so big as to have an accounting department that takes care of all the finances in the business.
At Vistas Revisor we do, however, grow with our clients and so, therefore, we also serve a number of large companies – both nationally and internationally.

Solid industry experience

For more than 20 years we have worked for companies in many different industries. For this reason we are well versed in the many different demands and circumstances that may have an effect, for example, on VAT and taxation.
You are always welcome to call us to find out what experience we have of your industry.

All types of jobs in accounting and auditing

It is important for us to help our clients with exactly what they need – no more, no less. We are always ready to ramp our performance up or down to hit the right level of service. This could be, for example, the consultant that we help by recording all transactions on a quarterly basis and for whom we also produce VAT accounts. The valuable insights we gain about the finances make it easy to prepare financial statements at the same time. It can also be the craftsman with one employee for whom we do the ongoing bookkeeping. Here we give advice, for example, on deductions and help prepare financial statements. In the case of larger companies or those with international activities there can, for example, also be a need for advice on import/export, foreign exchange, income and cash flow budgets, etc.

Service with origins in the Copenhagen metropolitan area

Our customers are mainly from Copenhagen and the surrounding area. But it doesn’t actually matter where you live. When we meet, we draw up a precise agreement with regard to cooperation and then you can send your receipts to us through the post.

Contact us now on +45 3888 6000 or via mail@vistas.dk for an appointment.

Good reasons to keep accounts

There are many good reasons to always keep your accounts in order, but the most important are:

  • You are in control of your finances
  • You have an overview of the results
  • You are well informed about the company’s transactions and receipts
  • You can identify opportunities and issues in a timely manner
  • You can ensure liquidity planning for payment of VAT and taxes
  • You can avoid time pressures on reporting and year-end closing
Get a free one-hour meeting!

We offer a free one-hour meeting. At this meeting we will look at your accounts and see how we can optimize your finances.

We also help entrepreneurs overcome the initial difficulties, so that they can avoid the worst mistakes and get off on the right foot.